Pay your Way

Follow up workshop

How do we finance our music? (e.g. creation, recording / video / production costs, financing going on tour)

How do we contextualise our projects in social life? How do we link them with potential partners, where do we find them, how do we approach them? What attitude and language do we use to address them? 

How do we write concepts, applications and dossiers so that they make sense internally and externally? What goes through the mind of the decision-maker when reading our applications?

How does funding fit into project planning, organisation and implementation? How much time does it actually take up? Is it seen as a separate task or is it structurally and conceptually embedded in the project? How do we ensure that our financing options are constantly diversified and can also be expanded?

Can financing strategies be thought of collaboratively? How is project financing linked to the project content? What kind of relationships exist with funding partners? What might «collaborative relationship management» or «emergent strategies» have to do with this?
Can funding issues be fun? What are tricks and tips and helpful anecdotes from experienced arts or cultural practitioners?


In addition to basic information on funding models in the music and cultural sector, the workshop deliberately focuses on knowledge from practice. 

We will examine approaches based on projects, organisations and people who inspire us with their concepts, their dealings with partners and their funding strategies.
A substantial part of the workshop will be available for questions and concrete needs of all workshop participants. 

Participants are invited to bring their own concept drafts to discuss and work on in the workshop. What can and should also be brought along: concrete questions from your own projects (active or completed), projects from the public whose funding strategy you would like to examine more closely for your own research purposes, burning questions or uncertainties in the area of fundraising.

We address all these topics by activating the collective knowledge of all participants.

The workshop is for all people who participated in our workshops this year or in previous years or women, inter, non-binary, trans and agender persons in our community. There is no age limit. Sign up! You can also sign up if you haven’t participated in our workshop but fulfill the entry criteria.

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