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Natalia Anderson talks with female, non-binary, trans and intersex musicians and DJ’s based in Switzerland about their music and creative processes. A new episode is released every second Friday.

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Episode 6: Anna Aaron

In this episode Natalia talks with Anna Aaron, who is a coach at the Music Lab Song Sketches Workshop. She is an award winning singer and producer and has her own label, called Bambient Records. We discuss feeling like an outsider after returning to Switzerland as a child, using digital platforms when releasing your music, and making meaningful connections in the music industry.


Episode 5: Franziska Staubli

In this episode Natalia talks with Franziska ‚Ziska‘ Staubli (Musician, Artist) about learning to play guitar, how to improvise and the importance of speaking to girls, non-binary and queer people in her songbook.


Episode 4: DJ Bone Black

In this episode Natalia talks with Bone Black (DJ, Producer) about Gqom music, Bone Black’s residency in Johannesburg, South Africa and the importance of sharing your network and uplifting others. They also give practical advice on how to start an association in Switzerland!


Episode 3: Laura Livers

In this episode Natalia talks with Laura Livers (Pianist, Composer) about what it takes to study music to a high level and getting over the embarrassment of showing your work. Laura also shares practical advice when it comes to ownership of songs when collaborating with other artists.


Episode 2: Juli Lee

In this episode Natalia talks with Juli Lee (DJ, Producer) about going from being a dancer to a DJ, taking every opportunity to play music and how to make the most out of your time in a music studio. Juli Lee is also the producer of the theme music for this podcast!


Episode 1: Leila Moon

In this episode Natalia talks with Leila Moon (DJ, Producer, Songwriter) about her school life, self esteem and how to be your own best friend.  They also talk about the creative process behind her song “Dansoz” which came out of the theater piece of the same name, by actress and dancer, Tümay Kilincel. Leila was responsible for the music production and musical direction.


About Natalia Anderson

Musician, DJ and Journalist

Natalia started out in the music scene playing guitar, singing and later DJing in London’s vibrant music scene. She has since taken her party sounds to Switzerland and continues to DJ under the name NAT FRM LDN. Natalia enjoys talking about music as well as playing it and worked as a VJ / TV presenter and music journalist for various events and platforms in the UK and beyond.

Twitter / Insta / Facebook : @TunefulTV

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Concept: Natalia Anderson in collaboration with Helvetiarockt

Presented and Produced by: Natalia Anderson
Music by: Juli Lee