Leila Moon

Episode 1 • Season 1 - Musicians in Conversation

In this episode Natalia talks with Leila Moon (DJ, Producer, Songwriter) about her school life, self esteem and how to be your own best friend.  They also talk about the creative process behind her song “Dansoz” which came out of the theater piece of the same name, by actress and dancer, Tümay Kilincel. Leila was responsible for the music production and musical direction.

About Leila Moon

DJ Leila Moon is a Songwriter, Producer and DJ specialising in funk, disco, raï, gnawa, afrobeat, r’n’b, mahraganat, electronic and house! Her eclectic music style is a culmination of her collective influences and intercultural experiences. Born to an Algerian mother and Morrocan father, she grew up watching anime and bollywood, listening to raï music, arab pop, french chansons, american folk and jazz. By songwriting and producing, music connected her with her roots and the desire to share it with others molded her identity. Today she enjoys sharing tracks with sounds from all around the world, focusing on different genres in arabic music. Throughout the set her identity is reflected in the form of energetic musical storytelling. In addition to DJing, her creative calling is in producing her own music and collaborating with other artists.

Glossary of terms mentioned:

Raï Music:  A form of Algerian folk music that dates back to the 1920s.

Darbuka: A percussion instrument traditionally played in middle-eastern music.  It is also known as Doumbek, Tablah or Derbeke

Future Releases

Leila Moon as part of a Transmitting Voices collaboration, released a single at the beginning 2021.

Leila’s Influences

Audience questions

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