Episode 10 • Season 1 - Musicians in Conversation

In this episode Natalia talks with Ka(ra)mi, the multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ. We talk about how Ka(ra)mi learned to compose and arrange music from a young age, her unique experience spending a year in Cuba studying music and dealing with feelings of not being good enough when starting her DJ career. She is also a coach for the Helvetiarockt Music Lab beatmaking workshops.

About Ka(ra)mi

Author, composer, producer, DJ, musician in the theater or on stage for other artists (Dawn Richards, Dena, Teme Tan, Mélissa Laveaux among others), Ka(ra)mi is a 31 year old Swiss artist from Geneva of Haitian and Hungarian origin. Her musical influences range from hip hop, R&B, house, afrobeats and Caribbean music. Ka(ra)mi continues her musical exploration with complete freedom. After gaining first experience within the group Kami Awori, followed by a 3 year DJ career and various collaborations, Ka(ra)mi has finally decided to let her inner voices express itself by giving free rein to her Caribbean, electronic and soul influences.

Check out the music Ka(ra)mi shares in this episode

Husi – Ka(ra)mi (unreleased)

Mentioned in this episode

Kaytranada – DJ Producer who influenced the song Astronaut

Moog – a modular synthesizer developed by the American engineer Robert Moog.

Ka(ra)mi’s influences

Audience questions

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