Episode 6 • Season 3 - Musicians in Conversation

In this episode Natalia speaks with Helvetiarockt beatmaking coach, Cégiu. She is a musician, producer and composer and also managing director of Music Box Entertainment, co-manager of Other Music Lucerne and board member of SONART.  We discuss capturing insect sounds in field recordings, starting your own company as a musician and the importance of social security. Cégiu also gives advice for people wanting to begin activism.

About Cégiu

Cégiu (Céline-Giulia Voser) is the managing director and owner of musicbox entertainment gmbh. She is also involved in the concerns of Lucerne’s musicians as co-director of Other Music Lucerne, a networking and promotion centre for Lucerne musicians, is a board member of SONART – the Swiss association for musicians – and is currently setting up the Ableton FINTA user group in Switzerland. She works as a mentor for Pop-Büro Stuttgart and Ableton among others, for the latter at the School of Popular Art in Berlin.

Cégiu is a musician, composer and producer. She performs and releases music in various formations and leads workshops such as „Beatmaking/Producing“ as part of Helvetiarockt Music Lab. She is also a solo artist and has released three albums, „Cégiu’s Skinny Souls“ (2016), „Restless Roots“ (2019) and „Glowing Goodbyes“ (2021). 

‘On The Road To A Different World’ written and performed by Cégiu

Glossary of terms mentioned

DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. A software program for making music: recording, editing, mixing, and manipulating sound.

Audience Questions

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