Evelinn Trouble

Episode 7 • Season 1 - Musicians in Conversation

In this episode Natalia talks with Evelinn Trouble, winner of the Swiss Music Prize 2018, guitarist, singer songwriter, all round creative and Helvetiarockt Bandworkshop Coach. We discuss the importance of communication and honesty in band relationships, managing yourself vs having a manager, and saying what you want as a musician.

About Evelinn Trouble

Born in Zurich as the daughter of a Swedish jazz singer, her own home country quickly became too small. At the age of 17, Trouble recorded her first album on her own and quickly worked her way to the top of the Swiss music scene. But Trouble wants more. She directs her own music videos and those of other bands. (Her preferred style: splatter!) She plays the bloodthirsty Salomé in the opera of the same name, writes music for film and theater and tours the world with a play by Thom Luz in the role of a knight who is struck by lightning. Trouble is a shapeshifter, a creative multi-talent with an innate urge to experiment across borders, empires and genres. Her art knows no pigeonholes. As a result of all this work, she won the 2018 Swiss Music Prize as the youngest winner in the prize’s history.

Check out the songs Evelinn shares in this episode:

Evelinn’s Influences

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