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On Wednesdays at 12:15 we do our Q&A Sessions for one hour with professionals from the music business on a designated topic. During this hour, you can hear first-hand experiences from musicians, sound engineers, bookers and other people from the industry. You can also learn more about how the music business works or what kind of jobs exist.


Past Sessions


16.09 with La Gale, hosted by Eli in English | 12:15
La Gale is a rapper from Lausanne and one of our badass Female* Bandworkshop Coaches. The weekend after our session she’s going to play the awesome Label Suisse Festival. So don’t be shy: Ask her about being on stage, writing rap lyrics, the bandworkshops or what she thinks is the best way support each other.


23.09 with Claudia Kempf from SUISA, hosted by Kathy in English | 12:15
SUISA is the Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland. But what does that mean? We’re talking with Claudia Kempf about what Suisa is all about: Where they can help you out, how they make sure that you earn money for your played songs at radio stations or live on stage and why it’s important for every songwriter and producer to be a member of Suisa.


30.09 with Natalia Anderson, hosted by Kathy in English | 12:15
Natalia Anderson AKA NATFRMLDN (Nat From London) is an experienced multi genre DJ and one of our wonderful Female* Music Lab Coaches, based between London and Geneva. She is going to tell us what is most inspiring about being a DJ and what else she is thinking about music, getting people together and feminism in the industry. Here you also get all informations about our DJ Workshops. Don’t miss it out.


13.05 with Jennifer Jans from M4Music, hosted by Elia or Kathy in English | 11:30 am

06.05 with Florina Diemer, hosted by Elia in German | 11:30 am

03.05 with Kathy Bajaria, hosted by Elia in English | 8pm

29.04 with Billie Bird, hosted by Elia in English | 11:30 am

26.04 with Angie Addo, hosted by Elia in English | 8pm