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In the Female* Bandworkshops you can experiment, discover new things and gain experience. You will rehearse with your new band for several months, led by professional musicians with many years of stage experience. Together you will try out different genres of music, improvise and develop your own style. For the grand finale, you will play your first concerts in autumn. Do you already know how to play an instrument? Then take this unique opportunity to get to know our coaches and other passionate music lovers and help each other grow.

The Female* Bandworkshops will take place in Basel, Bern, Chur, St. Gallen, Wetzikon, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Bellinzona, every year at the beginning of January. We accept registrations throughout the year. There are no strings attached. Groovy.


  • 13.11.2021

    Gaskessel Bern

    What a time – you know what it’s like. Corona or not, that has never stopped us from doing our thing. Since summer, 5 up-and-coming bands have been rehearsing at 5 locations throughout Switzerland as part of the Helvetiarockt bandworkshops. Whether folk, punk or hip hop – the bands have found their own sound. The young musicians will bring everything they have created during the band workshops to the stage in the Gaskessel. The concert is not to be seen as the end, but more as the beginning. And who knows, maybe you’ll be there next year too?

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Prices & Age

Women* between 15 an 25 years can participate. The workshop costs 240 CHF per person.

The price should not be the reason not to participate. If it is, get in touch with us!


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